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Work in Progress

Titles modified to protect blind review.  Contact me for drafts.


Mental Action & the Power of Effort

I provide an account of mental action that aims to explain how you control what happens in consciousness, and argue that mental action has a place among the fundamental ontological categories required to explain consciousness. Under Review, Revised and Resubmitted.

Epistemic Coercion and Conservative Religious Communities

This paper argues that theologically conservative religious communities are epistemically coercive, in the sense that members of those religious communities must adopt particular beliefs and reject other beliefs. As a result, membership in such religious communities conflicts with the values of an education in the liberal arts. Draft in Progress.

You Are Not an Event Are You? 

This paper presents a new version of the problem of the disappearing agent and argues against the standard story of action on the grounds that you are a specific kind of conscious living organism, rather than an event. Draft in Progress.

Practical Deliberation Under Determinism

This paper argues for a surprising conclusion: that causal determinism undermines the mental activity of practical deliberation. If practical deliberation is a necessary condition for free will, as compatibilists and incompatibilists would seem to agree, then this argument lends further support to the claim that free will and causal determinism are not compatible. Draft in Progress.