I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Denver.  I completed the Ph.D. at Columbia University.  Prior to that, I studied at the University of Toronto.

My research addresses metaphysical issues at the intersection of philosophy of action and mind.  One theme uniting my current work is the notion of effort.  I argue that exerting effort plays an ineliminable causal role in every action you perform.  A paper defending this claim in the case of bodily action has been published in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

I am also interested in the underexplored notion of mental action.  Along with Matt Soteriou, I am organizing a conference on the topic of mental action and the ontology of mind, generously hosted by the Institute of Philosophy.

I was recently interviewed by Skye Cleary at the American Philosophical Association blog, and Janette Ballard for the University of Denver’s Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences newsletter.

Here is a copy of my vita